RESCO- Reliable Engineering Solutions Company is a global engineering solutions provider that provides Life Safety & Security Solution in Dubai. We offer personalized solutions and a comprehensive range of services to business all around Dubai. We are one of the leading fire protection solution providers in Dubai and export our products all over the globe. RESCO was founded in the year 2009 and since then we have helped businesses by providing them best fire safety in Dubai and various other solutions that can help them in maintaining a safe environment in their premises. Our expert team compromises of highly experienced technical professionals, management professionals, and trained workers from various fields.

At RESCO, all our products are custom-made and are designed keeping in mind the requirement and budget of our clients. No matter whether you are an owner of a commercial building, hotel, hospital, or a residential building we can provide you the solutions that best fit your needs. Not only best fire safety in Dubai, but at RESCO we also provide a nurse calling system, CCTV, CO system for closed car parking, and various other solutions. Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, we at RESCO have also started providing the service of installing sanitizing booth/tunnel & fogging sanitization in Dubai. These tunnels are very useful in the present times as they can disinfect even a group of people at once, something, which is very useful in the present times.

Civil Defence Approved Company in Dubai, UAE

RESCO is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to buying and maintaining fire protection systems. We are a Civil defense approved company. This means we can provide all necessary activities such as inspection, testing, commissioning, installation, maintenance, etc. up to the mark. We follow the protocols laid by the government and ensure all your systems and components are working in perfect condition. We offer the best services to every client. Whether you want our assistant with installation or maintenance, our qualified team of experts will do the best job to ensure maximum fire protection.

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We want to be an internationally recognized and trusted leader in Life Safety & Security Solution.


We, at RESCO, are committed to providing Life Safety & Security Solution in Dubai. We want to focus on public safety through the various solutions provided by us. At RESCO, we are inclined towards making our community and this world a better and safer place.