If you are a restaurant owner then it is more important for you that you pay additional stress on fire safety, as there are many instances of a fire originating from food preparation equipment. However, do not worry, as we at RESCO can help you to take care of these fires by installing kitchen hood fire suppression systems. A kitchen hood is a powered fan enclosed in a hood system hanging above your stove to get rid of airborne gases, grease, heat, smoke, and mist. While this system is not like a fire sprinkler system, a kitchen hood suppression system is an important part of any comprehensive kitchen fire suppression system. In the case of a cooking fire, the kitchen hood suppression system releases wet chemical extinguishing agents. The chemicals from the system quickly choke the fire by cutting it off from their oxygen. This system attacks the fire from both angles and kills the fire without causing much damage to the rest of the kitchen area.

We, at RESCO, provide the best kitchen hood suppression system in Dubai to take care of all your safety hazards. However, it is also equally important that you take care of the regular maintenance of your already installed system so that they are always operational. Our team of experts gets together all the basics you require for a completely integrated system in Dubai. This way we take care of everything, right from the start to the finish. We provide numerous packages, which range from installing to the maintenance of kitchen hood suppression you have already purchased. The regular maintenance provided by our team of technicians makes sure that you have a proper system that will protect you. Contact us today and we will send you a quotation for installing a kitchen hood suppression system. Do not waste any time contact us now!

Kitchenhood Fire Suppression System in Dubai

If you’re in the food service industry, you understand the importance of a high-quality, efficient kitchen. One key component of any kitchen hood fire suppression system, particularly the kitchen hood. Without a properly functioning hood system, your kitchen can quickly become filled with smoke, steam, and grease, making for an uncomfortable and potentially hazardous work environment. To ensure that your kitchen runs efficiently and safely, it’s crucial to invest in a pre-engineered kitchen hood system like those provided by Resco.

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