RESCO is the most reliable pipe supplier in the industry. We offer a wide range of pipes and fire fighting solutions including Shield pipes and fittings. Our systems are not just designed to provide the highest accessibility but complete protection from fire as well. We only offer the top solutions to our customers. All our pipes and fittings are made from the best materials. Thus, you will never face any issues with them. Our shield pipes are corrosion resistant and capable of transporting liquids and other fluids at high pressure. Since all of our systems are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, you can easily use them in both extreme cold and hot weather conditions.

Reliability and integrity are the two most critical factors of any Shield pipes and fittings, and we offer solutions that can be seamlessly used in any industry. Our solutions are ideal for both commercial and industrial usage. You not only get the best products when you partner with us but complete installation and maintenance support as well. At RESCO, our team of experts will assist you with installation, and with our services, you can maximize the life of your piping solutions. Our Shield pipes and fittings are top of the range, and we have years of experience in installing and maintaining them.

Thus, you can enlist our services to set up a new piping system or upgrade your existing systems as well. We also provide complete maintenance services. If you face any problem with your existing solutions, our experts can identify and fix the problem within the shortest time frame possible. With our services, you can upgrade your solution without halting your daily business operations. This means, you will sustain a minimum loss and will be able to maximize the productivity in your business. You can enlist a range of services from us. Some of the most notable solutions we offer are:

Top Quality Pipes and Fittings

At RESCO, all our solutions are made from stainless steel and are covered with a copper coating. This gives better heat-resistant properties to our pipes and fittings. You also get corrosion-resistant products, which minimize the chances of failure and breakage reducing your overall maintenance cost. We offer top-quality Shield pipes and fittings in Dubai, UAE. With our solutions, you will not have to halt your business operations for upgrades and fixes, thereby minimizing your revenue loss.

Increased Scalability from Long-Lasting Solutions

All of our solutions are designed as per your requirements. Thus, you will get a piping solution designed to help your employees and support your business operations. With the personalized fittings, you will be able to integrate more efficiency into your workflow and increase your overall productivity. Our Shield pipes and fittings directly contribute to your operations and help you scale your business as well.

Complete Installation and Maintenance

At RESCO, we house some of the most experienced employees and technicians. Our team can design your personalized system and also assist in installation. With accurate installation, you will be able to maximize the use of these piping solutions and sustain less breakage. Our expert team can also upgrade your existing system and help you incorporate the latest solution with minimal additional cost. If you face any trouble with your installed pipes and fittings our technicians will identify the issue and fix it in no time.

Maximum Protection

All our Shield pipes and fittings ensure maximum protection at all fronts. Since these pipes and fittings are developed using the best materials, you will get the best protection during your operations. With our solutions, you will face no damage to your property or people working on site. The pipes and fittings can transport every type of fluid with care and responsibility.

RESCO is your one-stop solution for all your shield pipes and fittings. You can browse our range of solutions from our website and pick your ideal system. For more information, you can contact our support team at +97142654155.

Founded in the year of 2009, RESCO electro mechanical LLC is involves for all the electro mechanical work installation services especially in the life safety and security systems design engineering, supply and installation, test and commission the complete system as per the client requirements.

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