A fire-rated door is a door made of metal, which is particularly built to slow or avert the spread of fire and smoke. These doors will resist the penetration of heat and flames to slow the fire. These doors are more common in commercial buildings rather than in residential buildings. The fire rated doors resist the penetration of heat and flames and buy you some time so that you can exit the building. People believe that it is only the fire that causes the loss of life; however, the truth is that smoke inhalation is also a major reason, which results in people dying. These doors are the best when it comes to containing some smoke and fire and saving lives. The best thing about the fire-rated doors is that in the event of a fire they close automatically thus providing both safety and peace of mind to the owners of the property.

 At RESCO, we provide fire rated steel and wooden doors that help you to buy some time and protect yourselves in the case of fire. These doors come in various varieties and materials and you can get your fire-rated door to match almost any design style. The doors not only protect against fire but against break-ins, extreme weather, and other types of conditions. We, at RESCO, not only install fire rated steel and wooden doors but also conduct regular fire door inspections. Licensed experts having substantial knowledge, experience, and understanding of the whole installation process can only install fire doors. Therefore, no matter what the size of your company, if you want help in deciding what kind of door suits your requirement we are here to help you! We will take into consideration all factors, like, budget, requirement, design, etc., to make sure that you get the best door according to your need. With us, you can get the best fire safety in Dubai.

Founded in the year of 2009, RESCO electro mechanical LLC is involves for all the electro mechanical work installation services especially in the life safety and security systems design engineering, supply and installation, test and commission the complete system as per the client requirements.

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