Not all fire can be extinguished with water, certain fires which are cause by plastic, fuels, flammable and combustible liquids needs Foam system. The type of fire can cause extensive damage to the environment and possible loss of life. In such a case, Foam systems can extinguish a flammable liquid fire by cutting off all oxygen. The foam system uses a mixture of water and 1%/2%/3%/6% of foam and follows the mechanism of cooling, separating the flame source from the product surface to extinguish the fire.

 We, at RESCO, offer a huge range of foam systems, which will boost your fire protection system. In case you are confused about the type of foam system best suitable for your building, you can contact our team of specialists who will carry out a survey of your place before deciding on what kind of foam system will be the best for your building. As the system will be installed only after carrying a suitable survey and consulting the insurers you can relax! Not only installation but at RESCO we also take care of the maintenance and inspection of this system as we understand that a smooth operation of this system is extremely important for protecting the lives of the people. While carrying out the inspection, we send the foam samples for testing to check its conductivity and confirm its suppression abilities. Contact the best fire safety in Dubai to get the foam system for your risk areas, like, stor­age fa­cil­it­ies. We are extremely experienced in our field and with us; there is no room for error.

Founded in the year of 2009, RESCO electro mechanical LLC is involves for all the electro mechanical work installation services especially in the life safety and security systems design engineering, supply and installation, test and commission the complete system as per the client requirements.

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