Structured Cabling: A Must for Your Business

Every business requires a proper communication infrastructure with which employees can quickly complete their duties. It doesn’t only include the server lines and the base LAN connections that offer access to the onsite server of the company. Instead, the communication infrastructure involves telephone lines, remote connection lines, and so on.

Without the best networking systems, businesses can’t conduct their operations with ease. They won’t be able to provide services to customers, especially the companies that deal with communication channels, the telecom industry, etc. This is where the concept of structured cabling comes into play.

What is structured cabling, and how does it work?

It is a particular type of telecommunication infrastructure where the entire system is divided into multiple smaller units, also known as structures. These structures operate independently of each other, ensuring maximum productivity and output. When considering the traditional cabling system, the infrastructure used to define it was known as a point-to-point connection.

Structured Cabling Dubai

A single connection will exist between two hardware ports, like the PC’s VGA and projector. This process is suitable when the infrastructure is simple, and the equipment or hardware units involved are not as complex as the server racks. However, the moment these systems become complicated, point-to-point cabling fails to establish high performance and productivity. It can lead to redundancy and slowed channels.

Therefore, structured cabling in Dubai has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. To understand the workings, we need to analyze the six primary components of this network routing and circuitry system.

  1. Entrance facilities: As the name suggests, the entrance facilities establish a connection between the outside world and the interior cabling structure.
  2. Equipment room: The equipment room is supposed to be the most complex part of the structured cabling system. It houses different types of cross-connects between the hardware systems.
  3. Backbone cabling: As the name suggests, the backbone cabling establishes a connection between different system components, from the entrance facilities and equipment rooms to the enclosures and telecom rooms.
  4. Telecommunication rooms and enclosures: This is considered an enclosed room containing the local jumpers, patch panels, and other cables concerned with the telecommunication infrastructure.
  5. Horizontal cabling refers to the arrangement where the telecom cables run between the user’s hardware interface and the telecommunication room on that floor. Since no vertical connection is present, it is termed horizontal cabling.
  6. Work area: As the name suggests., this represents the area where the actual work is done, i.e., where the employees work with different hardware panels.

What are the benefits of structured cabling for your business?

The benefits of having structured cabling in Dubai are as follows:

  1. With this cabling form, downtime is significantly reduced, and work productivity can be increased easily.
  2. The cabling system reduces the complexity of the telecommunication infrastructure and ensures the cabling system can be managed with ease.
  3. It supports multiple hardware interfaces and trunk ports, which is why it is preferred in most commercial areas.
  4. The structured cabling system offers excellent security to the users and the business, ensuring no data loss or corruption during transmission. This is one of the significant benefits of structured cabling systems for many businesses.


With the benefits and components of structured cabling Dubai now known to you, there won’t be any further problems in its implementation and incorporation within the business operations. You must design the networking architecture and decide on the patch panels to complete the infrastructure.

Why is FM-200 the Best Fire Suppression System?

It has become imperative for every commercial property to ensure its campus is well-equipped with firefighting and suppression systems. These help in curbing down the fire and prevent its further spread. Fire, when not prevented or extinguished on time, can cause property damage and even prove fatal for people inside the property.

Every property is equipped with high-level and excellently performing fire suppression systems. There are several such products available in the market, but the one that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times is the FM 200 system Dubai. In this article, we have explained the working of this system, followed by the incredible benefits people can have after its installation.

How does the FM 200 fire suppression system work?

The FM 200 fire suppression system is known to be the cleanest of all, thanks to its chemical. This is mainly used in areas where sensitive electronic elements are present. Once the smoke detectors detect any smoke in the room, the fire suppression system gets activated. It sprays the liquid directly over explosive materials

It doesn’t leave any oil or water residue that can cause further damage to the electronic components present in the area. It only requires about 10 seconds to extinguish the fire, which is considered to be one of the fastest fire suppression systems. The FM 200 chemical is stored in a cylinder under high pressure. This pressure is achieved using nitrogen gas that does not react with the chemical due to its inert nature.

Due to this arrangement, it consumes much less space than any other fire suppression system. The significant areas where it is used are mainly the business areas involving the use of electronic equipment units like the server room, workplaces, commercial units, and so on.

What are the benefits of the FM-200 fire suppression system?

To understand the excellence of the FM 200 system in Dubai, you must know its benefits. In this section, we have described the primary reasons why it is preferred over other fire suppression systems.

Faster suppression system

FM 200 system is said to be the fastest fire suppression system. It needs only 10 seconds to extinguish the fire. Besides, the system gets activated once smoke detectors in the area detect the presence of any smoke or fire in the concerned area. Due to its excellent working, it is known to be the most efficient fire suppression system.

FM 200 System in Dubai

Clean and leaves no residue

Another reason to install the FM 200 fire suppression system is its cleanliness. It does not leave any residue over the surfaces where the chemical is sprayed. Therefore, everything will remain clean, and there won’t be any hassle for cleaning the surfaces or anything else.

Safer and secure

The FM 200 fire suppression system is the most secure and safest. It does not destroy electronic devices after the chemical is sprayed. Furthermore, the pressure is maintained due to nitrogen gas, which is completely inert and does not cause any form of chemical contamination.


FM 200 chemical is entirely environment-friendly. It does not cause harm to the environment or humans. As a result, it is preferred so much in several business and commercial areas.


The FM 200 system in Dubai is considered to be the safest, cleanest, and the most efficient system that can be used in most business and commercial areas. It needs unique installation methods to ensure the chemical is sprayed right over the area where the smoke or fire is detected.

How to choose the right fire alarm system for your building?

Fire can cause perils that can cause numerous casualties without any warning. We are not just talking about forest fires that can burn down 30% of the Earth’s surface within a couple of hours only. Instead, we are talking about man-made fires that can risk people’s lives. Although most man-made structures have systems to extinguish a fire or combat it in any other way, these methods apply only after the flames spread out in multiple directions.

How can you know if a fire is about to break out in a complex beforehand?

You know the disease, the cure, and the treatment process. However, you do not have any idea about the precautions. Therefore, you should install a fire alarm system that can alert you if any possible fire source is present within a particular area or not. It will notify you before the disaster, and you can prevent the flames from breaking out in a larger area. The only thing you need to do is get the best fire alarm system from the market.

Here are some tips on how you can get the best product from the market without any loss in investment.

Understand various types of fire alarms

The first thing you should know is the different fire alarm types. Without having this knowledge, it’s not possible to select the best system and get it installed at the building. Other systems have different properties and features. They do not function similarly and might not meet your requirements head-on. You should go through the product details before adding them to your list. This way choosing the right fire alarm network system becomes much more crucial.

Check if the sensor is receptive or not

While looking through the fire alarm systems in Dubai, always consider products with high responsiveness. If there is a considerable time gap between the sensor’s activity and the alarm sound, the fire can quickly spread to other portions, especially if the area is narrow. Therefore, get a fire alarm system with high-quality sensors and optimized response time.

Look for wireless or Bluetooth alarm systems

It is better to look for wireless or Bluetooth fire alarm systems as they are easy to operate and can be accessed remotely. In addition, the wireless alarm system works on the technology of IoT, where you can control other appliances from your phone with no physical connection. Similarly, if you get the Bluetooth alarm system, you can pair it with your device’s Bluetooth for seamless connection and easy operability.

Fire Alarm System

Consider a proper budget

Maintain a strict budget, no matter what, because a fire alarm system in Dubai might cost you more than $50. It is indeed a high costly; therefore, setting a fixed limit is important.

Check the product quality and performance

Before adding any product to your cart, you should pay special attention to the product quality and performance. For example, if the alarm you chose doesn’t have an alarm system with good sound or lacks the options for customizing alarm tunes, you won’t be able to use it for maximum security and protection.

Similarly, it should connect with other devices to establish a more secure network. For example, you should be able to connect the fire alarm system with the CCTV network to check the source of fire through the cameras.


Since you know the top ways to choose the best fire alarm system in Dubai, your task will be to go through the list of options you have. Ensure the scrutiny is done thoroughly without compromising the quality and performance of the product. In addition, you should also check if your chosen fire alarm ensures 90% maximum security and protection or not. To get the best Fire Alarm Systems, visit Resco and thrive on quality and budget. Our experts are always there to help you.

5 tips for installing emergency exit lights

Whether it is a corporate building or a residential one, every architecture should have appropriate measures during emergencies. For example, a panic bar is installed inside corporate buildings with large block gates to help people push open the door if it gets blocked during a fire. Similarly, stairs are strategically placed between the apartments on each floor in a residential building so everyone can quickly assemble at the same location.

When the constructors and builders consider your safety the top priority, you should also take responsibility and ensure everything is in place. Studies have shown that many buildings and factories do not have directions about the emergency exits. As a result, people don’t know which site is safer for them, resulting in chaos. That’s why the government has issued several protocols, out of which installation of emergency exit lights is more important.

This article will discuss the easiest steps to follow for emergency light installation at the exit points.

Choose a location with 100% visibility

You need to choose a location for installing the emergency exit light that is 100% visible from almost all angles. If it is a pillar you use for mounting, ensure people rushing towards it can see the sign and the direction from at least a couple of meters away. Similarly, if you want to install the light right at the top of the exit door, place it right in the middle to ensure people coming from any direction can see it without any obstruction. Permanently mount the light high enough so it can easily reach the line of view..  

Ensure continuous electrical supply to the exit sign

You should establish an electrical network that supplies continuous power to the emergency exit lights. Failure to do so will lead to several consequences, most of which will be fatal. If the emergency light is not on due to problems in the electrical connection or scheduled power supply mechanism, no one will be able to know if the direction is right or wrong. These assumptions can easily lead to further mishaps and accidents within the building. Therefore, always use a backup source for power if there is no electricity in the first place.

Follow the Fire Protection codes and protocols

While installing the emergency exit light, you should follow all the Fire Protection codes and protocols. You can visit your state’s official website and check what limitations and restrictions they have put on this device. Following them will give you an idea about the proper installation of emergency exit lights in no time.

Take help from a professional

Do not hesitate to take help from a professional because they are much more proficient in installing emergency exit lights than us. They know the right place where the installation will suffice the needs and ensure maximum visibility. They also ensure the electrical connection formed is solid and robust, capable of providing power supply for a long.

Emergency Exit Lights

Placement should be correct according to the marks

The placement of the emergency exit light should align with the mark and the direction it is pointing to. If you want your employees to go to the left but the emergency light mark points towards the right, it will lead to huge confusion. Therefore, be very sure about the marks and directions they point to before installing the lights.


Now that you know the best ideas for installing emergency exit lights, it’s time to make a plan to implement them. Delays will only increase the chances of mishaps and accidents because these are inevitable. So, having a safety plan beforehand sounds excellent, especially in commercial buildings. Use the expert advice and best quality safety equipment from Resco to keep your surroundings safe! Visit us today to buy safety and security solutions.

How Does an Addressable Fire Alarm System Work?

What is an Addressable Fire Alarm System?

An Addressable Fire Alarm System (AFAS) is a fire alarm system fully equipped with sensors and transmitters. These sensors are installed throughout the building, such as in stairwells, corridors, and elevators. When smoke or other hazardous conditions are detected by the sensor(s), an alarm signal is sent to the central office, where personnel can simultaneously monitor the status of all alarms throughout the building.

Addressable fire alarm systems use transmitters to transmit signals to higher-level control panels. These transmitters are typically located at triplexes or above so they can monitor multiple buildings simultaneously. Addressable transmitters allow fire dispatchers to identify individual buildings by their address rather than location. This means that if one building has an alarm, it will not affect other buildings nearby.

Top Benefits of Addressable Fire Alarms

The benefits of addressable fire alarms are vast. They help to protect your home from fires and other disasters, which is why they should be in every home. Here are five of the top benefits:

1. Automatic warning during emergency: This means you will receive an automated phone call or text message telling you there has been some type of emergency at your home.

2. Added security for your family and friends. If you have friends or family members who live with you, they may not be able to get into their homes if there is a fire. With an addressable fire alarm, they will be notified when there is a problem so they can go back inside safely and quickly.

3. Improved communication between all members of the household. When everyone knows what is going on at all times, emergencies can be handled with much more efficiency.

4. More accurate detection of fires and other emergencies. A properly installed fire alarm system will detect the smallest flame at anywhere from 20 to 60 feet away and sound an alert when it detects smoke or fire. This allows you to get out of the building faster and safer than if you were relying solely on your senses alone.

5. Reduced insurance premiums for homeowners who have fire alarms in their homes as opposed to those who don’t because insurers need proof that such alarms are installed before they will insure your home for claims related to fire damage (such as smoke detectors).

Working on an Addressable Fire Alarm System.  

Addressable Fire Alarm System

An addressable fire alarm system can be installed in various buildings. It is a system that detects fire and smoke at any point within the building. The installation of an addressable fire alarm system requires the use of special equipment connected to the existing electrical power supply. In addition, different types of systems are available in the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

The working principle of an addressable fire alarm system is based on the fact that every object emits a certain type of electromagnetic radiation, which can be detected by electronic equipment installed on the premises or in a central monitoring station. The equipment then displays information about whether there is a fire or smoke somewhere in any part of the building.

The system consists of two parts: the first is an alarm control panel, which has an interface for connecting with other systems and can be used to manually control doors, lights, and other devices; the second is an automation system that manages these functions automatically.

The alarm control panel must be connected to an easy-to-use display screen so that you can view all relevant information at once. You will also need a remote control unit that allows you to adjust without going through the whole building yourself.

The automation system uses sensors such as gas and smoke detectors in various locations throughout the property to detect any fires or smoke signals before they reach your home or office – this way, you can avoid costly damage caused by fires or carbon monoxide poisoning!

The Bottom Line

An addressable fire alarm system is vital for the quick and efficient evacuation of buildings. This system can improve your business’s fire safety rating, thereby avoiding potential fines. If you are interested in learning more about how an addressable fire alarm system works, look at our guide to residential (detail) and commercial (overview) addressable systems. If you’re in need to install a fire alarm system with high-tech features, consider Resco as your best companion. We provide safety and security solutions that keep you and your loved ones safe and sound.

Types of Emergency Lighting Systems and Maintenance

Emergency lighting systems are designed to illuminate areas during power outages, natural disasters, or other emergencies. These systems use multiple light sources, such as candles, flashlights, lamps, and battery-operated equipment, to give you enough light to see your way around and maintain safety. Some emergency lighting systems use battery-operated lighting that can be recharged by hand crank or solar power generators. The type of lighting system you choose depends on several factors, including the volume of electricity in your house, the price tag, and your budget.

The emergency lighting system is broadly divided into two categories: Emergency Escape Lighting and Standby Lighting.

An Introduction to Emergency Escape Lighting

This lighting system enables the user to quickly escape a dangerous situation, such as an intruder or fire. It can be installed in an exit corridor or hallway, stairwell, or elevator shaft. The emergency lights are usually mounted on the ceiling, so they project downward and provide illumination for people who are exiting the building at night.

These systems are fairly easy to install and maintain. They also require no special wiring or additional hardware, just a few essential components supplied by the manufacturer. The light bulbs used in these systems should be high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) that emit a maximum of 500 lumens per watt. HID lamps provide a brighter light than CFLs while still being energy efficient, lasting up to three times longer than CFLs before replacement is required.

An Introduction to Standby Lighting

Standby lighting is the term used to describe any form of lighting that is designed to function when power is out. Standby lights are often used in emergencies, such as after a power outage or during a power failure.

Standby lighting can be used alone or in conjunction with other forms of emergency lighting. The most common types of standby systems are battery-powered or generator-powered. A battery-powered system will require no additional equipment or wiring, while a generator-powered system requires an electrical outlet and additional equipment (such as a generator).

Key Difference Between Emergency Escape Lighting & Standby Lighting.  

Emergency Lighting System

The difference between emergency escape lighting and standby lighting is that the first is a temporary solution to your problem, while the latter is a permanent solution. The main difference between these two types of lights lies in their purpose. Emergency lights are designed to help people get out of a building in an emergency, while standby lights are intended to help keep your home lit at night.

Emergency Escape Lighting: Emergency lights are used primarily during power failures or other emergencies when finding your way out of a building is necessary. They can be found on the stairways of high-rise buildings, parking garages, and elevators. They are usually activated by pressing any part of the door frame or nearby wall, and they come with a light source that emits bright light for up to 10 seconds before going off automatically.

Standby Lights: Standby lights refer to those installed in homes or other buildings for illumination purposes only. They do not require electricity to operate but instead rely on the presence of electricity from the grid itself (or from solar power). Standby lights can be powered by batteries or solar cells that convert sunlight into energy through photovoltaic technology (PV).

Emergency Escape Lighting Vs., Standby Lights- Which One To Choose?

Emergency Lighting System

Emergency escape lighting is a single light placed on a wall or ceiling to illuminate an exit route. It is located directly above the door and usually provides enough light to help somebody find their way to safety in an emergency.

Standby lights are two or more lights that are turned on when needed. They can be installed in areas with no emergency escapes and will provide illumination for an exit route if needed.

Emergency escape lighting can be used as either a stand-alone system or as part of a larger lighting package that includes standby lights. Suppose you install both types of lighting in the same area. In that case, you’ll have three systems working together to provide illumination for your entire facility: one for an emergency, one for general illumination, and one for auxiliary use (such as task lighting).

Let’s Wind Up

Many people are taking a more proactive approach and contacting qualified electricians to assess their home’s electrical system. Many of these professionals will help the homeowner by advising on improving their electrical system. Furthermore, they will often offer service guarantees. While doing it on your own is not recommended, there are ways for homeowners to check out and make any necessary electrical adjustments. To ensure that your home is ready for any emergency, contact a professional at Resco who can assess and handle your specific needs.

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