5 tips for installing emergency exit lights

Emergency Exit Lights

Whether it is a corporate building or a residential one, every architecture should have appropriate measures during emergencies. For example, a panic bar is installed inside corporate buildings with large block gates to help people push open the door if it gets blocked during a fire. Similarly, stairs are strategically placed between the apartments on each floor in a residential building so everyone can quickly assemble at the same location.

When the constructors and builders consider your safety the top priority, you should also take responsibility and ensure everything is in place. Studies have shown that many buildings and factories do not have directions about the emergency exits. As a result, people don’t know which site is safer for them, resulting in chaos. That’s why the government has issued several protocols, out of which installation of emergency exit lights is more important.

This article will discuss the easiest steps to follow for emergency light installation at the exit points.

Choose a location with 100% visibility

You need to choose a location for installing the emergency exit light that is 100% visible from almost all angles. If it is a pillar you use for mounting, ensure people rushing towards it can see the sign and the direction from at least a couple of meters away. Similarly, if you want to install the light right at the top of the exit door, place it right in the middle to ensure people coming from any direction can see it without any obstruction. Permanently mount the light high enough so it can easily reach the line of view..  

Ensure continuous electrical supply to the exit sign

You should establish an electrical network that supplies continuous power to the emergency exit lights. Failure to do so will lead to several consequences, most of which will be fatal. If the emergency light is not on due to problems in the electrical connection or scheduled power supply mechanism, no one will be able to know if the direction is right or wrong. These assumptions can easily lead to further mishaps and accidents within the building. Therefore, always use a backup source for power if there is no electricity in the first place.

Follow the Fire Protection codes and protocols

While installing the emergency exit light, you should follow all the Fire Protection codes and protocols. You can visit your state’s official website and check what limitations and restrictions they have put on this device. Following them will give you an idea about the proper installation of emergency exit lights in no time.

Take help from a professional

Do not hesitate to take help from a professional because they are much more proficient in installing emergency exit lights than us. They know the right place where the installation will suffice the needs and ensure maximum visibility. They also ensure the electrical connection formed is solid and robust, capable of providing power supply for a long.

Emergency Exit Lights

Placement should be correct according to the marks

The placement of the emergency exit light should align with the mark and the direction it is pointing to. If you want your employees to go to the left but the emergency light mark points towards the right, it will lead to huge confusion. Therefore, be very sure about the marks and directions they point to before installing the lights.


Now that you know the best ideas for installing emergency exit lights, it’s time to make a plan to implement them. Delays will only increase the chances of mishaps and accidents because these are inevitable. So, having a safety plan beforehand sounds excellent, especially in commercial buildings. Use the expert advice and best quality safety equipment from Resco to keep your surroundings safe! Visit us today to buy safety and security solutions.

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