Tips for Choosing a Professional Dubai Hills Mall Approved Fire Contractor

The journey from planning a fire safety system for a building to choosing the best Dubai hills mall approved fire contractor is not a cakewalk. One needs to cross multiple hurdles provided the person is eager to work with the best professional in the city. It is indeed true that there will be hundreds of names popping up on enquiring about the fire contractors.

But you cannot choose any name randomly since the building’s safety depends on your decision. So, to take you out of this dilemma, here are some major factors you should remember before finalizing the best fire approved contractor in Dubai.

Company profile and experience

First and foremost, you need to check the company’s profile to know more about it. In other words, you should check its profile to understand the overall experience it has earned. Also, ensure the company has at least three to four years of experience as a fire contractor service.

You should also review past client reviews or cross-check past projects. This will help you understand if they chose a Dubai hills mall approved fire contractor that can meet your standards or not.

Engineering and work culture

A company that believes in a positive work attitude, discipline, and punctuality have higher productivity. So, if you do not want to receive a few bad services from the fire contractor company, choose a firm that values its technicians’ safety, work ethics, and engineering skills.

Once you do so, choosing the best company handling fire system installation and designing contracts in Dubai will become much easier.

Methodologies and practices

Now comes the most interesting topic of this entire discussion: the list of methodologies and practices. If the fire contractors resort to old-age or absolute techniques, there is no way you will have maximum yield from the fire systems. So, check which practices the professionals are implementing to get the fire safety system installed or repaired within the complex.

Dubai hills mall approved fire contractor

Furthermore, all these methodologies and practices must adhere to the industry policies, compliances, rules, and regulations. Violation of these causes will put you both in jeopardy, something you certainly don’t want.


The pricing is one of the key considerations for choosing the best Dubai hills mall approved fire contractor. In other words, you should check how much the company charges you for the installation, repair, maintenance, servicing, or replacement services. If the price rate is within your affordable range, there is nothing to reconsider.

However, if the claimed charges exceed the market stipulation, you should move to the second option. But ensure not to bargain a lot because that might reduce the work quality.

Equipment unit

The best Dubai hills mall approved fire contractor will always use standard and latest equipment for installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing the fire safety systems. If not, the entire arrangement will be at a compromise, something that none would want.


Since now you understand the top factors to consider to choose the best Dubai hills mall approved fire contractor, your job is to make a list first. Now, start striking off the names based on the factors we have explained. Ultimately, you will have a single name with which you can further discuss.

What to do When Your Emergency Exit Lights Burn Out?

Every building, whether a commercial mall or a factory outlet, must have appropriate safety systems installed, especially against fires. Many options can help contain the flames and prevent further damage, from fire extinguishers to fire suppressants. This is the part where property safety gets covered. But what about the civilians present inside the complex? To escort them out safely, most building owners install emergency exit lights.

These are nothing but rectangular boxes on which EXIT word is carved using LED tubes. It usually glows with a green or red hue to create a visual contrast. Based on how huge the building is and the number of entrances it has, there can be more than one exit light. Owners need to ensure these lights are monitored and maintained throughout.

What is the most common problem with emergency exit lights?

The most common problem with emergency exit lightsis that they can burn out anytime without any indication. If that happens, no indication will be there for others about the safety entrance or exit door. As a result, there will be chaos inside, and the chances of fatal accidents or injuries are way more than one can comprehend.

That’s why knowing about the exit light burnout signs is imperative. This not only helps prevent such a worse scenario but also ensures everyone gets escorted outside safely. But the question is, what causes the exit light to burn out?

First of all, most exit lights have small LEDs connected in series with one another. Inside one LED bulb, a tungsten filament is responsible for converting electricity into light energy. If, somehow, the tungsten gets oxidized or breaks, the LED won’t be able to glow, and the entire circuit will go black. This is what we call a burning out of the emergency exit light.

How to identify emergency exit light burnout signs?

There are certain ways to identify whether the emergency exit lights have burnt out. The following are some of the most accurate ones.

  1. The main bulb is not glowing: Every exit sign needs one or more main bulbs that will glow continuously 24×7 without any break. If it is not glowing, it means the exit light has burnt out, and you need professional help.
  2. Low voltage: If the bulb attached to the exit light constantly flickered, the gas pressure inside decreased. As a result, the voltage output is not as expected, so you must replace the bulb as soon as possible.
  3. Reserve battery: In rare cases, the fault is associated with the battery providing power to the emergency exit light. It either needs a brief repair or an entire replacement to provide continuous power to the light.
Emergency exit lights

When the emergency exit light needs an entire replacement?

You must replace the entire set if the bulb is damaged in the emergency exit lights. That’s because the output won’t be satisfactory even when you repair it. So, instead of spending more money on repairing it, you can get it replaced.


With this above discussion, you now understand what exactly is meant by the statement that emergency exit lights have burnt out. Based on this, it’s your call whether you want the damage to get repaired or replaced or want to take action effective immediately.

Why Do You Need Professional Dubai Mall Approved Fire Contractor?

Any commercial facility, including retail centers like the Dubai Mall, must prioritize fire safety. With thousands of visitors each day, protecting the lives and property of everyone who enters is crucial. An experienced Dubai mall approved fire contractor can help here. In this post, we’ll go over the advantages of hiring an experienced fire contractor for the Dubai Mall and why you should.

Ensuring Adherence To Dubai Mall Rules

To protect customers and property, the Dubai Mall has stringent fire safety requirements that must be adhered to. A certified Dubai mall approved fire contractor will provide the knowledge and expertise to guarantee that your building complies with these rules. They will be acquainted with Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) rules and may assist you in ensuring that your fire safety systems, tools, and practices are compliant. It will guarantee that your structure passes inspections and stays out of trouble with the law and expensive fines.

Knowledge Of Fire Safety Measures

A professional fire contractor’s specialty will be designing, installing, and maintaining fire protection systems, such as fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and extinguishers. They will know the most recent items and technology to guarantee that your systems are current and efficient. Depending on your unique demands and requirements, they may assist you in selecting the best fire prevention solutions for your building. They can also teach your personnel how to utilize the systems and perform routine maintenance and testing to ensure they operate correctly.

Emergency Response And Planning

An emergency plan is crucial in the event of a fire. A qualified Dubai mall approved fire contractor can assist you in creating an emergency plan and response strategy that are specific to the needs and layout of your building. They will conduct risk analyses to pinpoint potential dangers and create emergency plans and protocols that adhere to Dubai Mall rules. They may also train your team to use fire safety equipment and react in an emergency.

Risk And Liability Reduction

A business building fire can potentially harm property and seriously endanger life. In addition to the human cost, building owners and operators may experience legal and financial repercussions due to a fire. Working with a qualified Dubai mall approved fire contractor will help you lower your risk of having a fire and lessen its effects if it happens. It will safeguard your property and guests and lessen your legal exposure.

Dubai mall approved fire contractor

Cost Reduction

While hiring a qualified Dubai mall approved fire contractor may first seem like an additional cost, it can result in cost savings in the long term. You may lessen the possibility of property damage and human harm, which can have expensive legal and financial repercussions, by ensuring your fire prevention systems are current and efficient. Regular testing and maintenance of your fire prevention equipment can also assist you in avoiding having to make expensive future repairs or replacements.

Dubai mall approved fire contractor


To protect customers and property, the Dubai Mall must maintain fire safety. The benefits of working with a skilled Dubai mall approved fire contractor are numerous. Working with a qualified fire contractor is crucial if you own or manage a business property in Dubai. It is done to guarantee that your fire prevention systems are legal and capable of safeguarding your property and guests.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems – How Does This Work?

Whether it is the restaurant or a café, the kitchen is one of the most critical sections. It is where tons of gas tops and other appliances run simultaneously. The chances of accidents are way more in any professional kitchen. That’s one of the many reasons modern-day restaurants and cafes install the kitchen hood fire suppression system in their kitchens.

Usually, all the cooks and chefs remain aware of the risk-prone zones and handle everything carefully. Despite that, any appliances or a gas top can catch fire, leading to fatal injuries and property destruction. So, before you install the system in your restaurant, you must acquire detailed information about the system.

Read this following discussion to know how the fire suppression system connected with the kitchen hood usually works and its significant benefits.

How does the kitchen hood fire suppression system work?

Any kitchen hood fire suppression system will have numerous sprinklers placed equidistantly from one another. Instead of water, it uses any fire-suppressing liquid, gas, or foam. If the fire source is electricity, spraying the suppressant won’t cause more accidents or fatalities.

Usually, the fire suppression system is connected to the gas line and kitchen hoods over the cooking areas. Once the kitchen hood system senses any smoke or temperature increase due to flames in close vicinity, it gets activated. After that, it discharges wet-suppressing chemicals through the nozzle outlets. Since these nozzles are incredibly narrow, the jet spray has high pressure, which allows maximum coverage.

The suppressing chemicals are meant to cut off the oxygen supply from the fire, thereby putting out the flames in no time. Electric appliances near the cooking areas and directly connected to the hoods can sometimes draw more electric current than the rated value. In this case, the appliances get overloaded and can easily cause an electric spark or short circuit.

When you choose the kitchen hood fire suppression system, try and get one that can cut off the electric supply to the appliance in question. This way, your kitchen will be kept safe from electric fire.

Kitchen Hood fire suppression system

What are the benefits of having a kitchen hood fire suppression system?

Before you decide to purchase the kitchen hood fire suppression system, go through the following advantages discussed below.

  1. Since the suppression system doesn’t use any water, putting out any electric fire becomes easier.
  2. Another significant advantage of installing the fire suppression system in the kitchen hood is that the wet chemicals will be spread right over the kitchen tops that are most prone to catch fire.
  3. You can avoid any fatal injury to the cooks working in the kitchen since the kitchen hood fire suppression system will automatically sense the flame or smoke and activate the nozzles.
  4. Also, you will have complete independence in deciding the number of nozzles you want in the kitchen hood fire suppression system. 


With this discussion, you now have a clear picture of the working of the kitchen hood fire suppression system. So, whether you want to include this in your commercial kitchen space is your call. While looking through various systems, ensure you choose the right fit based on kitchen requirements, safety standards, and impending fire and accident risks. To get an expert’s advice, contact Resco for all hood fire suppression needs.

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