Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems – How Does This Work?

Whether it is the restaurant or a café, the kitchen is one of the most critical sections. It is where tons of gas tops and other appliances run simultaneously. The chances of accidents are way more in any professional kitchen. That’s one of the many reasons modern-day restaurants and cafes install the kitchen hood fire suppression system in their kitchens.

Usually, all the cooks and chefs remain aware of the risk-prone zones and handle everything carefully. Despite that, any appliances or a gas top can catch fire, leading to fatal injuries and property destruction. So, before you install the system in your restaurant, you must acquire detailed information about the system.

Read this following discussion to know how the fire suppression system connected with the kitchen hood usually works and its significant benefits.

How does the kitchen hood fire suppression system work?

Any kitchen hood fire suppression system will have numerous sprinklers placed equidistantly from one another. Instead of water, it uses any fire-suppressing liquid, gas, or foam. If the fire source is electricity, spraying the suppressant won’t cause more accidents or fatalities.

Usually, the fire suppression system is connected to the gas line and kitchen hoods over the cooking areas. Once the kitchen hood system senses any smoke or temperature increase due to flames in close vicinity, it gets activated. After that, it discharges wet-suppressing chemicals through the nozzle outlets. Since these nozzles are incredibly narrow, the jet spray has high pressure, which allows maximum coverage.

The suppressing chemicals are meant to cut off the oxygen supply from the fire, thereby putting out the flames in no time. Electric appliances near the cooking areas and directly connected to the hoods can sometimes draw more electric current than the rated value. In this case, the appliances get overloaded and can easily cause an electric spark or short circuit.

When you choose the kitchen hood fire suppression system, try and get one that can cut off the electric supply to the appliance in question. This way, your kitchen will be kept safe from electric fire.

Kitchen Hood fire suppression system

What are the benefits of having a kitchen hood fire suppression system?

Before you decide to purchase the kitchen hood fire suppression system, go through the following advantages discussed below.

  1. Since the suppression system doesn’t use any water, putting out any electric fire becomes easier.
  2. Another significant advantage of installing the fire suppression system in the kitchen hood is that the wet chemicals will be spread right over the kitchen tops that are most prone to catch fire.
  3. You can avoid any fatal injury to the cooks working in the kitchen since the kitchen hood fire suppression system will automatically sense the flame or smoke and activate the nozzles.
  4. Also, you will have complete independence in deciding the number of nozzles you want in the kitchen hood fire suppression system. 


With this discussion, you now have a clear picture of the working of the kitchen hood fire suppression system. So, whether you want to include this in your commercial kitchen space is your call. While looking through various systems, ensure you choose the right fit based on kitchen requirements, safety standards, and impending fire and accident risks. To get an expert’s advice, contact Resco for all hood fire suppression needs.

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