Main components of structured cabling

Cabling is one of the significant components of any office building because it determines data transfer and communication between different peripherals. Although there are several connection types, the most popular one recently is the structured cabling in Dubai.

From the name itself, you can understand that structured cabling will help improve the overall connection system efficiency and even reduce latency. Plus, it is high performing, which is why it’s so crucial for businesses to understand the fundamentals. Studying more about the components of structured cabling is one such thing that should be done before implementing the system.

In this section, we have shared some essential details about the components of a structured cabling system.

Entrance facility

As the name suggests, the entrance facility comprises the section where the telecom provider will gain entry to the physical location of the business, whether a cabin or a building. Usually, this is identified as the location from where the wires, clips, connections, and other networking elements enter the premise and connect to all the devices. Usually, telecom providers take help from a conduit to establish the entrance facility. The entry point must be secured enough to prevent any mishap. If it suffers any damage, the entire structured cabling in Dubai will collapse or halt. You can consider the entrance facility equivalent to every single property’s electric main meter.

Structured cabling Dubai

Equipment room

The network needed to establish the structured cabling system comprises a plethora of components. For example, the central connection hub is said to be the on-site server for the building. Sometimes, the central server serves as the direct source feed to different peripheral devices. But it is usually done for a minor premise with fewer connection points.

However, let’s consider the server to be used for a large building. Cables connect the central servers to several other sub-servers to help individual departments access the central server. The equipment room will also have network switches that can be turned off and off manually to allow appropriate connection channels. PBX and patch panels are also located within the equipment room of structured cabling in Dubai.

Backbone cabling

Backbone or riser cabling is one of the most crucial elements that cannot be ignored or left behind. It helps divert the cables to different floors and establish a parallel network. It also acts as the intermediate system between the equipment room and the peripheral devices within the business premise.

Structured cabling Dubai

Telecommunication room and enclosure

These are areas where the backbone cabling lines terminate end. It comprises several hardware elements like computers, LANs, phones, and many more. Businesses must establish a proper communication and networking system.

Horizontal cabling

From the vertical cabling structure, horizontal cables must be drawn to connect the user’s workspace. In ideal structured cabling in Dubai, the maximum horizontal cable length is supposedly 295 feet.

Work area

Lastly, the work area defines the space where the internet connections are drawn from outlets and connected to the end devices.


As we have established the six significant components of structured cabling in Dubai, you can decide if all the parts are correctly arranged. Contact Resco to get expert advice on the use and ideal choice of structured cabling.

When should you recharge your FM 200 fire suppression system?

Fire is a natural calamity and it’s not something one can predict beforehand. Despite all the protection and safety measures in place, it can’t be predicted if they can prevent fire or retain the flames and stop the spread. This is why it’s crucial to have a proper fire suppression system without fail. If that’s not the case, it will be complicated to ensure the property is safe and no casualty will be there.

One of the best fire suppression systems used to date is the FM 200 system. It is highly efficient, delivers consistent performance for the longest possible time, and acts much faster than any other suppression system. Therefore, it’s crucial you know more about the recharging process. After all, if the system is not recharged, you need to wait a couple of minutes before using it the next time.

What is the FM 200 system?

The first thing to learn is about the FM 200 system itself. Once you have a basic idea of the same, you won’t have any further problems in identifying the correct time to recharge the same. It is often considered one of the Halon fire suppression system’s best alternatives because the latter is unsafe for the people in close vicinity and the environment.

FM 200 system

Usually, the gas present inside is under high pressure and gets released into the air quickly. It does not extinguish the fire. Instead, it suppresses the source of heat, which is the life of the fire. Once the heat source is removed from the fire, the flames start to extinguish themselves.

Since no harmful chemical is used in the system, you can consider it the safest regarding ozone depletion and pollution. Plus, the FM 200 system can easily be used for residential and commercial properties. Due to all these cumulative reasons, the system is considered one of the popular protective measures.

What does recharging FM 200 mean?

In normal conditions, you will only be able to deduce if the fire suppression system is empty or still has enough gas to divert the source of heat from the fire. Therefore, recharging the FM 200 system is so crucial. Failure to do so will put you in a tough spot, so you must be more vigilant in your job.

Recharging the FM 200 fire suppression system doesn’t mean filling it with the gasses that help stop the heat source. Instead, there is a lot more work that needs to be done. For instance, all mechanical parts should be appropriately lubricated so they can function in the usual manner efficiently. Lubrication also reduces the friction between the parts, thereby suppressing mechanical wear and tear. This further extends the overall lifetime of the FM 200 system. Also, the professional service will work on checking the valves and ensure when on, the fire suppression gas doesn’t get dissolved into the lubricating liquid.

FM 200 system

What is the right time to recharge the FM 200 system?

You should recharge the FM 200 system right after its usage. This will give you enough window to ensure the system is refilled with the gas and all its parts properly lubricated.


Since the FM 200 system is so complicated, do ensure to take help from a professional to recharge it in the best possible manner. Apart from this, it would help if you also considered that the fire suppression system works properly after the gas is recharged. So, run a test or ask the professional to do the same.

What are the different types of fire alarm systems?

Fire alarm systems can help prevent lots of accidents on time. And it is not just about an accident causing damage to a property, furniture items, documents, etc. Instead, the alarm systems can easily save environmental damage and loss of life. Over the years, the fire alarm system has undergone many innovations and improvements. We’re not talking about only technological advancements and improvements but also about the changes incorporated to enhance the overall system performance and longevity. Owing to this, you can now have multiple options for different fire alarm system types in Dubai.

Before you buy any fire alarm system, you must know everything about the categories and their functions. Without having a good idea, you won’t be able to choose the right fire alarm system in Dubai. So, let’s look at the most common types of fire detection and alarm systems prevalent in the market at the current time.

Fire alarm system categorization based on operation

Considering the different operations of these fire alarm systems, we can classify them into two different types. These are automatic and manual fire alarms. As most of you are familiar with these terms, we will briefly explain them for reckoning.

  1. A manual fire alarm system is the basic one you can have for your house or office. It will sense the fire through the sensors, but you must stop the alarm manually. Similarly, all other functions concerning this alarm system must be operated manually. You won’t be able to connect the alarm to your mobile or any other device.
  2. Automatic fire alarm systems are on the rise because they provide the freedom to control the system operations through your mobile. Once you synchronize your mobile application with the alarm system, you can easily operate the same even when you are not close to the Internet or wireless network.

Of these two types, the automatic fire alarm systems sound much better because they can be easily operated through your phone over the Internet even when you aren’t at a close distance.

Addressable fire alarm system

The addressable system is one of the best fire alarm systems that has become quite popular in Dubai. The name can be quite confusing, but the operation is mind-blowing. Simply put, this specific fire alarm system in Dubai uses intelligent technology, specifically artificial intelligence, and machine learning to predict the exact location of the fire based on sensor outputs. Sometimes, the alarms can also predict the fire’s extent and spread, the fire, the future conditions of the fire if not taken care of immediately, and several other facts that will help you prevent any big accident. However, you do need to remember that advisable systems are costly and won’t be suitable for houses too small.

Fire Alarm System

Integrated fire alarm system

Last but not least is the integrated fire alarm system that we need to discuss. As the name suggests, the fire alarm will be integrated with other sensors and alarm systems like thermal sensors, buzzers, automatic door locks, and so on. If you want to establish a smart circuit around the entire property, choosing an integrated fire alarm system to connect it with other devices and tools will be best.


Since we have discussed the most prominent types of fire alarm systems, your job is to decide which one will be best and proceed further. Having so many options in hand might leave you confused, which is why you should consult a doctor or specialist to understand the fire alarm technologies and how these different categories work.

What is the importance of structured cabling during a crisis?

A crisis can plague a business in so many ways. It can be due to power being off for an entire day, the server being down for hours, compromised data warehouses, and more. This is why most businesses have a backup continuity plan that helps reduce the chances of failures and ensure the work can be continued even during the crisis. One such way of managing the crisis in the present time is through the implementation of a structured cabling system.

In a structured cabling system, all the networking and data cables are connected in a proper hierarchy to ensure businesses can leverage the arrangement and ensure the chances of failure are reduced to a significant number. However, it is much easier said than done. One needs to understand the complexities and challenges in implementing a structured cabling system, which is why we have discussed why businesses should focus on this system to handle crises intelligently. The following article will explain how structured cabling in Dubai can benefit your business.

Reliable cabling system

When we consider any system that needs to carry data over a long distance, you need reliability to incorporate the same with your business. Although there are different ways in which other cabling systems can offer excellent performance, they are not that reliable. This is why you need a structured cabling system. Not only is it reliable and trustworthy, but there is no compromise with its performance. It can easily carry data faster from one point to another over the same network. This will further help you relocate the business in any emergency or crisis.

Ability to handle large traffic

It is not easy for regular cabling systems to handle the large inflow of traffic. As a result, they either fail due to huge traffic, or you must restrict usage on the concerned network. If you don’t want that to happen, you should ensure the cabling system is properly structured. Since each data network is allocated a particular cable, it becomes easier for the entire system to deal with large incoming traffic. Besides, you won’t need to worry about system failure because the traffic inflow is beyond the recommended limit.

Structured Cabling Dubai

Flexible cabling 

The structured cabling system is quite flexible. It means you can scale it up or down according to your convenience. If you want to add more channels based on the addition of new peripherals or data centers, you can easily do so without compromising the existing cabling infrastructure. The same is allowed when you must let go of some of the existing network channels in the cabled infrastructure.

Durable and long-lasting

Last but not least, the structured cabling system is highly durable and can easily last for a long time. You won’t even have to give it for frequent maintenance or deal with data loss and corruption. Therefore, having a structured cabling infrastructure will prove to be a boon for your business.


In this article, we have discussed some benefits of choosing a structured cabling Dubai for handling business crises and other problems. Therefore, you need to ensure you don’t choose the wrong cabling system that won’t help your business in any way, especially when dealing with the usual crisis and emergencies.

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