When should you recharge your FM 200 fire suppression system?

FM 200 system

Fire is a natural calamity and it’s not something one can predict beforehand. Despite all the protection and safety measures in place, it can’t be predicted if they can prevent fire or retain the flames and stop the spread. This is why it’s crucial to have a proper fire suppression system without fail. If that’s not the case, it will be complicated to ensure the property is safe and no casualty will be there.

One of the best fire suppression systems used to date is the FM 200 system. It is highly efficient, delivers consistent performance for the longest possible time, and acts much faster than any other suppression system. Therefore, it’s crucial you know more about the recharging process. After all, if the system is not recharged, you need to wait a couple of minutes before using it the next time.

What is the FM 200 system?

The first thing to learn is about the FM 200 system itself. Once you have a basic idea of the same, you won’t have any further problems in identifying the correct time to recharge the same. It is often considered one of the Halon fire suppression system’s best alternatives because the latter is unsafe for the people in close vicinity and the environment.

FM 200 system

Usually, the gas present inside is under high pressure and gets released into the air quickly. It does not extinguish the fire. Instead, it suppresses the source of heat, which is the life of the fire. Once the heat source is removed from the fire, the flames start to extinguish themselves.

Since no harmful chemical is used in the system, you can consider it the safest regarding ozone depletion and pollution. Plus, the FM 200 system can easily be used for residential and commercial properties. Due to all these cumulative reasons, the system is considered one of the popular protective measures.

What does recharging FM 200 mean?

In normal conditions, you will only be able to deduce if the fire suppression system is empty or still has enough gas to divert the source of heat from the fire. Therefore, recharging the FM 200 system is so crucial. Failure to do so will put you in a tough spot, so you must be more vigilant in your job.

Recharging the FM 200 fire suppression system doesn’t mean filling it with the gasses that help stop the heat source. Instead, there is a lot more work that needs to be done. For instance, all mechanical parts should be appropriately lubricated so they can function in the usual manner efficiently. Lubrication also reduces the friction between the parts, thereby suppressing mechanical wear and tear. This further extends the overall lifetime of the FM 200 system. Also, the professional service will work on checking the valves and ensure when on, the fire suppression gas doesn’t get dissolved into the lubricating liquid.

FM 200 system

What is the right time to recharge the FM 200 system?

You should recharge the FM 200 system right after its usage. This will give you enough window to ensure the system is refilled with the gas and all its parts properly lubricated.


Since the FM 200 system is so complicated, do ensure to take help from a professional to recharge it in the best possible manner. Apart from this, it would help if you also considered that the fire suppression system works properly after the gas is recharged. So, run a test or ask the professional to do the same.

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