NIBCO valves- an overview

NIBCO Valves

Establishing a proper flow system is not as easy as it seems. This is because one needs to plan the flow system appropriately and ensure all the components are synchronized to prevent flow speed and pressure fluctuations. In addition, the system should have an appropriate lining to ensure the flow can be easily controlled. Although pipes, inlet, and outlet components are crucial for any flow system, the valve helps control the flow and makes the system more efficient.

Several valve brands are on the market, but somehow, NIBCO valves have stolen the spotlight. From having a plethora of valves in its collection to their high-quality material use for fabrication, there are many reasons why you should get these valves for completing the flow system. In this following article, we will give an overview of the NIBCO valves, their types, benefits, and more such aspects.

What are NIBCO valves?

Based in the US, NIBCO is one of the most popular companies manufacturing different mechanical, electrical, and electronics system parts and connectors. The brand has become pretty popular in recent years, all thanks to the higher quality of the products and a large product collection. Usually, the NIBCO valves are primarily used to establish a controlled flow system associated with both liquid and gaseous movements. Most NIBCO valves are used in plumbing systems, commercial fire system pipelines, and so on.

NIBCO Valves

What are the different types of NIBCO valves available?

There are different types of NIBCO valves available on the market. Knowing these types and their exact application will prove to be more beneficial. Following are some of the most common valves under the brand name of NIBCO.

  1. Ball valves: Available in different materials, including copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and so on, the ball valves from NIBCO are wonderful. The valves also feature different connection systems, like flanged, threaded, press-to-connect, and soldered.
  2. High-performance ball valves: Another outstanding product category on the market is the high-performance ball valve. It is made from bronze without any heavy metal, including lead and arsenic. It also has a 1000 CWP pressure rating, which is why it is mainly used in different systems where flow pressure is quite high.
  3. Check valves: With these valves, controlling the backflow of the fluid into the pipe system can be prevented with ease. Under this category, there are different check valves, like a silent check valve to reduce noise, a lift check valve to prevent backflow with a spring system, and so on.
  4. Butterfly valves: Primarily used in fire protection and safety systems, the NIBCO valves shaped as butterflies work amazingly in controlling the flow motion and direction. The valves can easily prevent leaks thanks to the inclusion of molded in-liner protection.

What are the benefits of using NIBCO valves?

Before you start getting NIBCO valves, knowing about the same’s benefits will be more beneficial. These valves are fabricated with top-rated hardware materials but not at the sacrifice of performance and quality. Plus, no heavy metal is infused during the fabrication process, which is why these valves are ideal for water flow systems, gaseous flow systems, and so on.

NIBCO Valves


If you want to establish a proper flow system, getting different NIBCO valves will prove more promising. These components have higher longevity and can easily make the systems more efficient.

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