5 Reasons Why You Should Install the FM 200 System

FM 200 system in Dubai, UAE

Regardless of the type of business, a fire suppression framework is important 0to safeguard the surroundings from any unprecedented situation which might cost valuable assets, money, and time. However one of the most important systems in the context is the FM 200 suppression system which serves one step ahead of other frameworks designed for the same purpose.

Here are 5 reasons that make it an incredible choice in the market:

1. Instant and efficient performance

Loaded with sensitive detectors, it can dredge fire at the earliest and starts functioning instantly by deploying extinguishing agents all over the area so that the fire can be stopped from spreading to other parts. Thus it controls fire in the nascent stage.

2. Clean operation

During operation, it emanates gas rather than foaming elements that would have otherwise put at stake any important equipment in place. However, the gas doesn’t leave back any residue post servicing, thus reducing the time required to restore the previous infrastructure to a considerable extent.

FM 200 system in Dubai, UAE

3. Safe implementation

Unlike gases that might pose difficulty to human breathing patterns, FM 200 system’s gas is completely safe to inhale and doesn’t come with any risk of causing vision problems.

4. Eco-friendly solution

FM 200 system has earned fame for being a green alternative to the Halon fire suppression systems due to its zero ozone depletion rate. Consisting of components of fluorine, carbon, and hydrogen, the system induces faster heat absorption and thermal decomposition.

5. Varied functions

Even with occupants in a building, the system can extinguish A, B, and C fires with the help of a cleaning agent.

FM 200 system in Dubai, UAE

Final Words

RESCO, Reliable Engineering Solutions Company, an eminent label known for providing fire safety services in Dubai and across UAE offers tailored infrastructure ideal for both manual and automatic deployment. The nozzles of the FM 200 system are fitted with 7 to 8 valves which rank as a cost-effective solution for both domestic and industrial structures. Even when the equipment gets exposed to metals, fume isn’t generated. Either way, the system can be reprogrammed to detect ignition in priority belts and areas.

In Dubai or around UAE, RESCO runs with a team of engineers and verified distributors to conduct area-wise surveys on the specific needs, logistics, and budget, recommending the best fire suppression system for a business. Having a legacy of high-quality products, the company offers premium installation and maintenance services in the long term. Tested on multiple parameters, its fire suppression systems can tolerate extreme temperature conditions whereas its workforce is qualified and experienced in the respective fields.

The civil defense-approved company has a wide range of world-class services to choose from such as inspection, commissioning, testing, maintenance, and installation of machinery. Some of them can be personalized as well based on a business’ needs. RESCO abides by the government laid protocols from every aspect.

Founded in the year of 2009, RESCO electro mechanical LLC is involves for all the electro mechanical work installation services especially in the life safety and security systems design engineering, supply and installation, test and commission the complete system as per the client requirements.

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