Fire Sprinkler Systems: A Beginner’s Guide

: Fire Sprinkler Systems in Dubai, UAE

A fire sprinkler system is an essential unit in both residential and commercial properties. Several commercial projects install fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAEto provide fire protection to your building and inhabitants. The first step to incorporate them into your building is to learn about them. You will find a wide variety of fire sprinkler systems in the market. The components and efficiency of a system is the primary aspect of a fire sprinkler system. Your facility will require a specific type of system based on your business operations. In this guide, we will decode different types of fire sprinkler systems and how you can install them in your facility.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

You will find four main types of fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAE. Wet pipe systems are the most popular type of sprinkler system in both residential and commercial properties. All of these systems have different activation times and operate differently. You can choose from the following types of fire sprinkler systems.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Dubai, UAE

These are the most traditional type of fire sprinkler systems in homes. These types of fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAE are the most common units and are installed in almost all residential properties. In each sprinkler system, the head is triggered independently. Whenever the system senses heat, the water pressure is released, and the sprinkler is activated. Wet sprinkler systems are ideal for commercial, industrial, and residential facilities.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Dubai, UAE

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System

Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAE do not store water in the pipes. These systems use nitrogen or pressurized air. When the system senses fire, the sprinkler system is activated and nitrogen is released and water flows into the pipes. The water will rain onto the flames to control the fire. These systems are perfect for extremely cold regions where the risk of pipe bursting is high.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Dubai, UAE

Pre-Action Sprinkler System

A pre-action system is somewhat like a dry pipe sprinkler system. However, there is a major difference that allows the system to be shut down in case of a false alarm before the water supply starts spraying water. This unit uses a two-step process — first, water fills the pipes, and then each sprinkler head is activated independently. A pre-action fire sprinkler system in Dubai, UAE is ideal for residential dwellings. These systems are also perfect for museums and places that store fine art.

Deluge Sprinkler System

These systems are better suited for industrial facilities rather than residential homes. These fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAE are always open, but they do not have a heat sensor in the head. The deluge sprinkler system must be activated by an external heat sensor. When the sprinkler is activated, water starts raining from all sprinkler heads simultaneously. Since these are more powerful, they are better suited for industrial and commercial buildings.

Fire Sprinkler Heads

The fire sprinkler head is the component that discharges water when it detects fire. You will find sprinkler heads in a variety of designs. Each of these heads contains a trigger mechanism, and it opens to release water into the fire. While the conventional sprinkler heads are designed for residential buildings.

The upright or pendant sprinkler heads aim the water straight down and are more suitable for rooms that have high ceilings. The heads must not be obstructed and must be recessed in the ceiling. You will have the option of covering these heads with resin to make them more aesthetically appealing.

The Installation Process of A Fire Sprinkler System

When installing a fire sprinkler system in Dubai, UAE you should consult a professional. Although installing them yourself will seem like a great option, contacting a professional partner is the best decision. However, if you decide to install your system by yourself, following the instructions exactly is crucial. Listed below are the basic steps to install a fire sprinkler system in your home.

  1. Check the Pressure on Water Supply If you have enough pressure from the city water supply, installing the fire sprinkler system in your home will be much simpler. A pressure of 100 PSI is advisable, However, if you do not have sufficient pressure, you should invest in a water storage tank for your fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAE.
  2. Installing Pipe in the Basement The piping system will be used to run the water supply from the basement to the ceiling and sprinkler heads. Mainly galavanised pipes to ASTM, A53, GR.B, Sch40 ERW pipes are used
  3. Installing Cages Around Sprinkler Heads To prevent the sprinklers from accidentally being set off, you should attach protective cages. This step is very important in areas where the ceiling is low.
  4. Make Wall Cutouts To prepare for the installation of fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAE you will be required to cut out sections of drywall between the studs.
  5. Drilling Hole to the Basement Drill through the bottom of the wall, and insert the pipes into the basement to connect it to the sprinkler line. Then, fasten the pipe within the wall using pipe straps.
  6. Install Bedroom Sprinklers Follow the same step and add additional piping to cover your bedroom, living room, and additional rooms with the same sprinkler system. There are decorative type of sprinklers which are concealed sprinkler with cover plates which can be painted suitable to the ceiling colors.
  7. Pressure Test After the completion of piping network of fire sprinklers system, pressure test is done using water to make sure there are no leakages.

Final Words

Fire sprinkler systems are an essential part of every facility, and you must install the top-quality ones to your residential or commercial properties. Proper installation and maintenance are also vital to ensure the most efficient working of the system. If you are looking for an ideal partner to assist you with the best fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAE, have a look at the products and services offered by RESCO. We offer the best quality system and assist clients with installation as well. Browse our website to know more, or get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements at +971 4 2654155.

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