Where Should Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs be Installed?

Emergency exit lights in Dubai, UAE

One thing that we have noticed about most people, be it at homes or large corporate setups, the importance of safety equipment and devices is highly underrated. However, paying extra attention when it comes to security should be our primary concern. In case of a fire, an earthquake or any other disaster, these safety devices will be our ultimate guide.

When it comes to safety devices, emergency lighting and safety signs should definitely be on the top of the list. While evacuating a building during a major crisis, these are the only ways to avoid blocking the hallways and move in the right direction without causing much commotion and panic.

Emergency lightings are made up of reflective material that is not dependent on the power supply of the building. This means that these signs and signals would work efficiently even if there is a power shortage in the entire building! If you are looking for emergency exit lights in Dubai, UAE, we have just the right solution for you!

Emergency exit lights in Dubai, UAE

Where should you install an emergency sign?

As we have already mentioned, emergency lights and exit signs are highly crucial and should be integrated within a building’s plan. Let us take a detailed look at where you must prioritize the installation of an emergency sign!

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  • Emergency lighting should be present in all hallways, corridors as well as staircases so that people can easily find their way towards the exit.
  • These safety devices should be present in all types of commercial buildings such as schools, colleges, theaters, libraries, hospitals, etc.
  • All small space rooms with no windows such as bathrooms, elevator shafts, and storage rooms must have emergency lighting. People can accidentally be stuck in those rooms as well.
  • Emergency lights should be evenly spaced in such a way that no area is excessively light or excessively dark.
  • Along with the location, the angle at which the lights are fixed plays a crucial role as well. If the emergency lights are not fixed at appropriate angles, the lighting fixtures do not comply with emergency guidelines.
  • There should be appropriate lighting to mark any changes in direction or turns in the hallways.
  • The proper lighting should be present near high voltage devices such as a generator so that there are minimal chances of accidents and death.

Where should you install exit signs?

Exit lights should also be installed in such a way that people can easily locate them from afar. Certain codes must be followed while installing exit signs.

  • An exit sign should be marked on every hallway which leads towards the main exits of the building.
  • An exit sign should be properly illuminated, made up with reflective materials which are easily visible from a distance.
  • Exit signs should be properly backed up by a battery source so that the signs work even in case of a power outage.
  • The path to the exit should not be obstructed by any material, be it desks, devices or cleaning equipment. A clear passage must be maintained at all times.
  • Proper directions to the exit must be provided on all floors of a building so that people can safely find the main entrance and there are no cases of a stampede.
  • Doors that do not lead to the main entrance should be marked as “No Exit”. This helps to avoid confusion and commotion when an accident occurs.
Emergency exit lights in Dubai, UAE

Emergency exit lights in Dubai, UAE

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