Sprinkler System Basics: Types of Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler system in Dubai, UAE

If you are looking for sprinkler systems, answering the plethora of questions regarding it can be nauseating! Which sprinkler system should you choose? With so much to choose from, finding the correct sprinkler system for your building or facility can be taxing.

For the folks who do not know what sprinkler systems are, let us help you out! Sprinkler systems, in fire safety management, are used to do two things – controlling or suppressing the fire. There are several types of sprinkler systems available in the market. Therefore, the best thing for you to do now is to know the basic differences and the types of sprinkler systems.

It is extremely essential to know how a specific sprinkler system can be useful or harmful for your building or facility. If you are looking for fire sprinkler systems in Dubai, UAE, we have the right solution for you!

Types Of Sprinkler Systems

1. Wet Pipe Systems

This system is the most common type of system to be used. They are considered the most reliable and cost-effective. Water is constantly filled in the sprinkler piping. Upon detection of the glass bulb or fusible link attached to the sprinkler system breaking, the system will trigger the release of water to extinguish the fire.

Keep in mind that the temperature around the sprinkler head needs to be significantly higher to trigger the breaking of the glass bulb or fusible link which controls the flow of water. You should also consider the location and the temperature of the space before installing this system. If your building is located in an area that has an average temperature of 4°C or greater there are no risks to the system and you can install this system without any problems.

However, If the average temperature is below 4°C there is a chance that the water inside the system might freeze and this will pose a problem. In the second case, you should consider choosing a different system.

Fire sprinkler system in Dubai, UAE

2. Dry Pipe Systems

This system is very similar to the wet pipe system with one crucial difference. The difference is the location of the water. The water in this system is located away from the sprinklers. When the glass bulb or the fusible link ruptures air is released.

This creates a fall in pressure and water flows out through the open sprinkler head. There is a slight delay between the sprinkler operation and water flow thus the size of the dry pipe system is slightly small or limited.

This is intended to minimize the amount of time water delivery is delayed. This is a great option for unconditioned spaces or places where the average temperature drops very low. Please keep in mind that the portion of the building where the water comes in and the pipe valve is located should be high enough to prevent freezing.

3. Preaction Systems

This is the most complicated system. There are three different kinds of preaction systems and they are non-interlock single interlock and double interlock systems. The main difference lies in what event the release of water takes place. The differences between each system are mentioned below:-

  1. Non-Interlock System:- The operation of detection devices or automatic sprinklers.
  2. Single Interlock System:- The operation of detection devices.
  3. Double Interlock System:- The operation of detection devices and automatic sprinklers.

The non-interlock system and single interlock system work similarly during a fire. The heat detectors activate first and that results in the system filling with water. The temperature rise will cause the sprinkler system to operate.

This Isn’t the case for the double interlock system. In a fire, the system doesn’t fill the water upon heat detection. The system fills with water after the activation of the heat detection system and the operation of the sprinkler head. In this case, it can be said that they operate as a dry pipe system.

Thus, double interlock preaction systems will have similar size restrictions like dry pipe systems, and non-interlock and single interlock systems have a limitation of 1000 sprinkler heads per valve.

4. Deluge System

This system is similar to a preaction system. The main difference is that in this system, the use of open sprinklers or nozzles takes place. Therefore, instead of the water flowing from an individual head, the water will flow from every sprinkler head. Once the detection system is triggered, water fills the systems and flows from the open sprinklers or nozzles.

Fire sprinkler system in Dubai, UAE

Fire sprinkler system in Dubai, UAE

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