Why Fire Alarm Systems Are Necessary for Your Building

Fire alarm system in Dubai, UAE

A fire alarm system is pivotal in helping you minimize the fire risk. Installing a fire alarm system can save lives and alert people about the fire before it gets out of hand. There are many fire safety components, and each of them plays a specific role in minimizing the risk of fire, but you can’t underestimate the role of a fire alarm system. Merely installing an alarm system is not enough. You must maintain it to ensure optimal working. You can enlist the services of your installer, or you can hire a different company to help keep your fire alarm system up to the code.

A fire alarm system consists of several components that work together to alert you about a fire. Over the years technology has advanced and this has led to the production of more sophisticated fire management systems. If you are thinking about the importance of fire alarm systems and whether you should install them in your building, we are here to help. Below we have discussed some of the most notable reasons that highlight the importance of fire alarm systems in your building. Read on to gather more information and make an informed choice.

The Purpose of a Fire Alarm System

The primary purpose of a fire alarm system is to notify people in case of a fire. A fire alarm system is designed to identify even the smallest fires and alert the people about the threat. This allows inhabitants of the building to get out of the building in time. Although the fire alarm systems play a significant role in life safety by notifying people about the fire, they also communicate with local fire departments for a faster response time. By notifying the fire department in time, alarm systems help you minimize the damage and help control fire in time.

Does Your Building Need One?

Several factors must be taken into account before you determine if you need a fire alarm system. The first factor is the building life safety codes that are mandated by the government. These codes depend on the type of occupancy. Thus, the safety codes will vary for industrial, commercial, and residential areas.

The classification of occupancy will help you decide whether you should install a fire alarm system in your building. Another factor that plays a pivotal role in this decision is the installation of a fire sprinkler system. In some areas, installing a fire alarm system is not mandatory if you already have a fire sprinkler system in place.

Thus, before you go forward with the installation process, you must consult with an engineer, contractor, or fire protection expert. They will help clear your doubts, and guide you towards the best fire alarm system in Dubai, UAE as well.

You may be required to install a fire alarm system in industrial and commercial buildings, but the same might not be mandatory for residential buildings. However, if you feel the need for an alarm system, you can install it in your building for an extra layer of protection.

Reasons to Install Fire Alarm Systems

Fire safety and prevention must not be overlooked. Even the slightest ignorance can not only lead to property damage but also put people’s lives at risk. In addition to fire sprinklers, fire alarms are a great method of fire prevention. By alerting everyone in the building these alarms help save lots of lives. Some of the most notable reasons for installing a fire alarm system in Dubai, UAE includes:

  • Saving lives- This is one of the primary benefits of installing fire alarm systems. By adding a fire alarm into your fire protection system you make the building safer for inhabitants. A combination of a fire alarm and a sprinkler system will work together to alert people and control the fire as well. Thus, the people will have ample time to get out of the building safely. Evacuation will become much easier and the likelihood of casualties will decrease significantly.
  • Prevention of property loss- Although sirens and alarms cannot put out the fire, they can alert people in the initial stages. Thus, people will be able to call the fire department and control the fire before it gets out of hand. Several fire alarm systems in Dubai, UAE come with a sensor that automatically alerts the emergency responders. This allows them to prevent the fire from spreading and minimize your property loss as well.
  • Shorten recovery time- Less damage will also reduce the downtime sustained by the organization. Thus, you will face fewer losses by installing fire alarm systems. Also, if the fire is managed quickly due to these alarms, you will be able to return to normal life in no time.
  • Beneficial in insurance discounts- Some insurance carriers provide discounts to building owners on their insurance policies if they have fire alarms installed in their building. While some insurance providers will only give you a policy when you have a complete fire protection system including fire alarms in place.
  • Keep your building fire code compliant- If you don’t want to sustain fines and other unnecessary fees due to compliance issues, installing a fire alarm system will be a smart decision. These alarms will keep you compliant with the fire code and help you save fines and other fees.

Regular Maintenance and Testing is Important Too

Installing a fire alarm system is a step in the right direction. However, your work does not end there. The fire alarm system in Dubai, UAE must be in working condition. Thus, you must pay attention to the repairs and maintenance of your fire alarm system. Choosing a reliable partner for maintenance will assist you in keeping your systems in the best condition and staying compliant with the fire code. An experienced service provider will be aware of all necessary repairs. They will help you keep your systems up-to-code, and increase the lifespan of your fire protection system as well.

Final Words

A fire alarm system is a part of a fire safety system, and it can be a beneficial addition to your building. These alarms can alert people and help them get to safety in case of an emergency. Choosing an experienced supplier is also essential for the proper installation of this system. RESCO is one of the leading names that supply a wide variety of fire alarm systems in Dubai, UAE. We offer several other fire protection and safety systems to choose from. Browse our website to look at our collection of products, or get in touch with our support team at +971 4 2654155.

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